NHL Betting Sites in NJ

New Jersey may seem a little warm for hockey betting, but residents are quite keen when it comes to hockey and the National Hockey League (NHL) in general. You may expect all sorts of sports betting opportunities when it comes to online sportsbooks in New Jersey. Hockey is undoubtedly one of the great options you can treat yourself to as well. Besides, suppose you are a true New Jersian. In that case, you will probably back the Jersey Devils, one of the most successful franchises in hockey at all and holders of nine divisional titles, among other trophies.

To do that, all you need to do is find the type of betting sites you can trust. Today, I will help you go through everything there is about NHL and sports betting. You and I will study the types of bets exclusively to hockey alone and take a look at some of the best bonus option.

To help you always make the most out of your bet, I will guide you to what are currently the best online sportsbooks in New Jersey. It may take a little looking-around at first, but hockey is a big part of the sports betting climate. In fact, hockey is one of the most bet on sports there is, and you will certainly have a blast.

If you don’t know where to start, I suggest you trust NJ Punter, as I have compiled a small encyclopedia exploring New Jersey’s great sports betting options when it comes to hockey. With this said, I invite you to take a look at what I consider to be the best betting sites.


$500 Risk-Free Bet

888 Sport NJ is an online bookmaker that offers a list of international standard sports betting options for punters across the New Jersey. It was established in 2008 and is growing strong by each day. The site is currently the talk of the town for its diversity of sports betting, odds, and political betting options. Part of the world-famous 888 brands, 888 Sports NJ casino, is run by Caesars Interactive Entertainment New Jersey LLC.


100% up to $100 Bonus

Bet365 is one of the most prominent sports betting brands in the entire gambling industry. The bookie wants to excite New Jersey players with its reputation and offerings. However, how much could the operator succeed in it? Learn in my Bet365 NJ review today.


25% deposit match up to $500.

The BetAmerica sportsbook and casino products are authorized by the State of New Jersey, Division of Gaming Enforcement. That's all you need to know when it comes to whether BetAmerica is legal or not. And I can say that it is completely legal.


100% deposit match up to $500

The BetMGM sportsbook operates under the umbrella of MGM Resorts International, a renowned company with decades of gambling experience. Some of BetMGM's highlights include the very good sports betting offer, the decent app, and the $500 first deposit match bonus. That said, there could be more bonus offers at the sportsbook and a simpler help center. Find out more about the BetMGM sportsbook in my detailed review.


$100 worth of free bets for a deposit of $20+

Borgata is a licensed and regulated sportsbook. It has arguably the best welcome bonus as you can get $100 in free wagers after depositing only $20. The sportsbook also boasts a unique live streaming feature and a modern mobile app. Apart from that, the bookie has some additional goodies to offer. I personally checked them one by one. So, be sure to read my Borgata Sports NJ review.


100% up to $500 risk-free wager

The DraftKings New Jersey sportsbook has a quality sports betting section, tons of markets, an award-winning app, and top-notch customer service. There are some things that the online sportsbook can improve on, e.g., its welcome bonus, but overall it is a very good betting site. Read more in my DraftKings sportsbook review.


$500 Welcome Risk Free Bet

FanDuel is a reputable NJ sportsbook that has an excellent selection of sports and markets to bet on. It also boasts a decent free bet welcome bonus, industry-leading mobile app, and a very good live streaming service. The number of FanDuel bonuses could be larger, but such a minor issue shouldn’t be a deal-breaker for anyone. Find out more about FanDuel in my review.


Up to $500 first bet refund

PointsBet is an innovative sports wagering provider that has tons of bonuses, a decent wagering app, and a reliable customer support service. It is also the only US bookmaker that offers Points Betting. This novel form of betting can be much more lucrative than fixed-odds wagering. And there's no better reason for you to read my PointsBet sportsbook NJ review than that.


100% up to $250 deposit bonus

SugarHouse is a Rush Street Interactive sportsbook that takes sports wagering to the next level. The bookmaker offers a huge selection of sports and markets, and this is its main forte. The enticing first deposit bonus, the fast and responsive app, and the live streaming feature are quality additions too. Read my SugarHouse sportsbook NJ review to find out more details about the bookmaker.


$250 risk-free bet

Unibet is a great New Jersey bookmaker with more than 20 years of sports betting experience. It has an excellent betting offer, industry-leading welcome bonus, and a decent app. Some things do need improving, though, but for more on those, you'll have to read my Unibet Sportsbook NJ review.

Best NHL Betting Sites in NJ – How to Spot Them Quickly

You are probably wondering – why these betting sites over any other? That’s a great question. You see, online sports betting in New Jersey is legalized, allowing you to not only benefit from great and safe options but also find valuable markets and odds. If you feel at a loss, don’t be. I will help you spot the best sports betting sites focusing on several proven criteria. Each website has to meet these qualification factors to make it on NJ Punter’s list, and the process is quite rigorous. So, if you are looking to participate in some NHL betting, here is how I review each website.

#1 A License by the NJDGE

The New Jersey Directorate of Gaming Enforcement in New Jersey may sound a little bureaucratic, but it has been able to successfully enforce all the necessary rules on sports betting sites in New Jersey. As a result, you can know that a sportsbook is safe and meets all standards, providing you with the best possible experience. Of course, a license is not everything, but it’s a great way to know that you have picked one of the best sportsbooks for NHL betting in New Jersey.

#2 What about the Bonuses?

Bonuses can never hurt, and that’s why you will want to scoop one right up. New Jersey has quite a few promotional offers spread across its many sportsbooks. You can claim a risk-free bet and use it on your favorite NHL franchise. Scooping up a bonus, risk-free or otherwise, is always an option when participating in NJ sports betting, and I will help you find the best options there are!

#3 Great Variety of Hockey Bets

Placing a bet on hockey doesn’t just boil down to one or two markets. The best sportsbooks will pack a whole of potential bets you may place and benefit from. That includes teams, moneyline bets, puck line betting, parlays, futures, totals, and live or in-play betting. Each of these has a very special place when it comes to NHL betting. You may be betting on single NHL games, or you may bet on players by using a proposition bet.

#4 Customer Support to Back You Up

All sportsbooks need great customer support, and since online sports betting in NJ is so well-developed, you can expect a bonafide service. Customer care agents will be able to assist you with your risk-free bet bonus or just help you settle any concerns that you may have. Ask any question that you may have and enjoy a quick and swift response.

#5 Competitive and Valuable Odds 

If you want to truly make the most out of your NJ online sports betting, you need to pick those who provide you with the best odds. Therefore, I always study the odds and try to compare how they do in relation to others. Which is the best sportsbook in New Jersey for NHL betting, you may ask. Well, that depends. The odds will change across games and sportsbooks! However, all online sports websites should offer competitive bets and odds on all games.

NHL Betting Bonuses for New Jersey Residents: Let’s Pick ‘Em Up! 

You will naturally want to have the best start to your NHL betting session in NJ. So what better way other than scooping up a few great bonuses first? There are plenty of bonuses, in fact, when it comes to NHL betting. You will be able to choose from a risk-free bet or perhaps pick the deposit match.

Some bonuses may apply for just the live segment, but others may be odds boosters, which are bonus bets that apply only to certain seasonal games. Naturally, championship and divisional games will also get quite a few odds boosters, so keep your eyes open for any of those.

NJ sports betting sportsbooks will naturally give you quite a bit of opportunity to bet on the Stanley Cup, other than regular-season NHL games. When picking an online sports betting site, you will definitely want to take a look at the available bets.

A deposit match is usually something that most sports fans enjoy. It’s basically a bet where you bet $10, or rather deposit $10, and then receive a matched amount, usually 100% up to a pre-determined threshold.

To make this easier to understand, let’s say a sportsbook wants to grant you a 100% match bonus up to $100. You will see that the minimum deposit amount is $10 and as you deposit, you will receive 100% of that amount, i.e., another $10, and start your NHL betting with $20 in total funds.

Other than a free bet and deposit match, a sportsbook in New Jersey offers all sorts of bonuses you can use on regular-season NHL games and finals. There are loyalty points and VIP perks, and you may also bring your friends over to bet side-by-side with, which is great.

How to Bet on NHL in NJ – A Quick Guide 

Alright, so you have reached a decision and definitely want in on the action. The question is, how do you get started? Well, it’s quite easy, in fact! Placing a bet on NHL games in New Jersey really boils down to two things.

First, you need to pick one of the many sportsbooks that you will find in New Jersey. In fact, you can just as easily register at two or more betting sites if you prefer. The point is to get access to the best odds and bets.

Once you have sized up which the best sportsbooks are, or you have just followed through with one of my recommended sports betting websites, it’s time to finish the registration process. That’s very simple, and all you need to do is enter your information conscientiously.

The truthfulness of the information is checked so that sportsbooks may know that you are a real person. In other words, don’t be alarmed when asked for your Social Security Number (SSN). Yet, before you share any such information, you must make absolutely sure you are playing at a licensed NJ sportsbook.

Now that you have your account your set up, it’s time to place your first bet. Before you do that, you will need some money. You may use the free bet you have been granted on the way in or check out for a deposit match bonus. Either way, you need some money in your account balance.

Once you have sorted this out, you can just pick a selection and place your bet on NHL games. You are free to choose the competition, odds, and type of market. Are you going after the moneyline, or are you going to try an authentic puck line betting instead?

NHL Betting Tips: How to Master the Betting Game

If you are already an NHL betting buff, it’s time for you to make the most out of your experience. Clearly, you want to start right up and place your first bet without any delays. Yet, to do that, you probably have to arrive at the best decision-making process you can possibly muster and make these odds work for you.

#1 Bid Your Time in the Season

While you may be excited to get in on the action, I recommend that you bid your time. NHL betting is not a sprint. It’s a marathon. When the regular season starts, there will be quite a few questions you will need answering. My advice is to let a week or so pass before you have a better idea of how well teams are playing this season.

#2 Manage Your Bankroll Smartly

If you want to make the most out of your NHL betting, I feel that you should be managing your bankroll really well. Do not over and underspent, but set aside a budget that you stick to. Some sports fans may get a little too excitable when it comes to the NHL, and they tend to splurge. However, those who are truly successful take their time and consider their NHL sports betting game from every angle.

#3 Back Long Odds When the Ratio Is Good

If you want to turn a decent profit off a random wager, you might consider odds (+170) versus (-110) on the moneyline, for example. Sometimes a team is given an advantage, but the stats indicate that there might be a value betting opportunity. The example I give you is just one case that makes me dig deeper into the games I am betting on. Of course, the odds are usually mostly right, but they’re definitely are value betting opportunities.

#4 Compare Odds for the Best Value

I feel there isn’t a single sports bettor today who only bets at one sportsbook. The reason why you want to bet on various sportsbooks is very simple – there is a competition between the sportsbooks, too, and that means they will try to offer you slightly better odds. My advice is to register with two or three New Jersey sportsbooks that are big on the NHL and compare odds.

#5 Bet on the Games You Have Studied 

If you are not quite sure which game to bet on, I recommend that you stick to games that you are familiar with. NJ online NHL betting can be very exciting, but make sure you are calibrating your bets accordingly. For example, you don’t want to bet on a team that you haven’t heard anything about. Of course, in the NHL, there are not that many franchises, and you will probably know all. However, focus on those that you are interested in, like the Jersey Devils, of course!

Facts to Consider in New Jersey – Great Place for a Bet 

New Jersey is the first state to have made sports betting on NHL possible. Now, by this, I mean that the state took years to overturn a ban on sports betting in the United States and paved the way for a fantastic opportunity, involving the expansion of NHL betting opportunities everywhere.

Understandably, New Jersey has been one of the busiest NHL markets thanks to all the pent-up demand but also great sports betting offers. If you are looking for bets on the NHL, New Jersey is definitely your state.

Apart from having made betting possible, New Jersey is actually the home state for the Jersey Devils, one of the most successful NHL franchises giving it a unique advantage over others. You can bet on NHL both on a mobile device but also in-person, which is another unique aspect of the betting aspect in the state.

Bet Live on NHL Games for Extra Value

Once you advance enough as a sports bettor, and particularly an NHL bettor, you may want to consider in-play betting. Betting on live events is definitely more fun, and some say – it can provide you with better value. This is all true, but there is a big caveat here – it’s far riskier to bet on in-play events than it is placing a future or moneyline bet, or even a puck line.

Therefore, I strongly advise anyone who considers in-play betting to first master regular betting. Of course, if you just want to spend some money on in-play options for the sake of fun, remember to comply with rule #2 and manage your bankroll well. You don’t have to chase up live bets at all.

If you want a somewhat more interactive experience and don’t yet have the mastery of going ahead with live bets, I recommend giving mobile betting a shot. It’s just like betting in person, only much quicker and great fun.

Download a Mobile NHL Betting App for Accessibility

If you have to be on the go, there is no reason to miss out on the NHL betting action. I recommend that you make sure to download an app that will empower your betting game and take it to an entirely new level. Mobile apps allow you to follow markets, place all sorts of wagers, and scoop up some great bonuses while you are at it. I definitely recommend downloading one of the top apps for the NJ market!


New Jersey is a great state to be when it comes to sports betting. You will find so many opportunities to place a bet on the NHL and feel that you are getting a real value for the bets you place. Thanks to the multi-faceted approach to sports betting, NJ is able to offer sports fans with great betting channels and opportunities.

The best part is there are plenty of different sports betting opportunities you can explore, and specifically when it comes to the NHL. New Jersey is a host of all established brands in the United States, providing you with unique opportunities so far as hockey bets are concerned. If you are not really sure where to start, I’d recommend going through my list of approved brands.

To be on the safe side, always make sure to do your own due diligence, too, and compare sportsbooks for the best possible NHL odds! Don’t be afraid to look around, follow the odds, and make only smart bets.


Can I bet online in New Jersey?

Yes, you can bet on NHL in New Jersey. NJ is fully legitimate and allows you to place sports bets of all sizes and on all possible markets.

Is bet365 legal in New Jersey?

Yes, bet365, William Hill, and others are just a few of the available brands in New Jersey. You can place NHL bets on all of them and more.

Is betting legal in New Jersey?

Yes, you can legally bet on NHL games in NJ. You may use a mobile device, visit a sportsbook in person, or just use your computer.

Are puck bets available in NJ?

Yes, puck bets – which are a type of spread betting for hockey – are fully available in New Jersey, and you may place this selection.

What is the biggest giveaway in hockey?

I recommend always keeping an eye out for the goalie. Goalies are very important in a game of hockey, more so than the strikers and enforcers, as they can truly turn the tide of a game.