NBA Betting Sites

Basketball is a huge deal in the United States and today, I will talk about the betting industry that has been built around the game and which the best NBA betting websites in New Jersey are.

You and I will find a lot about how to make a bet on the regular season, consider the live betting options, and generally pick a great NBA betting site. As usual, a lot of your success as someone who wants to bet on the NBA, your understanding of the game will be very important.

Sports fans want to make sure they have the best lines and, more importantly, the top NBA betting sites available before they commit a wager. Betting on the NBA is fun, and you will definitely find a lot of worthwhile choices in New Jersey.

First, though, you have to consider all the facts that will help you pick the best betting site and get your NBA games right. There are quite a few things to consider, so let’s get started.


$500 Risk-Free Bet

888 Sport NJ is an online bookmaker that offers a list of international standard sports betting options for punters across the New Jersey. It was established in 2008 and is growing strong by each day. The site is currently the talk of the town for its diversity of sports betting, odds, and political betting options. Part of the world-famous 888 brands, 888 Sports NJ casino, is run by Caesars Interactive Entertainment New Jersey LLC.


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Bet365 is one of the most prominent sports betting brands in the entire gambling industry. The bookie wants to excite New Jersey players with its reputation and offerings. However, how much could the operator succeed in it? Learn in my Bet365 NJ review today.


25% deposit match up to $500.

The BetAmerica sportsbook and casino products are authorized by the State of New Jersey, Division of Gaming Enforcement. That's all you need to know when it comes to whether BetAmerica is legal or not. And I can say that it is completely legal.


100% deposit match up to $500

The BetMGM sportsbook operates under the umbrella of MGM Resorts International, a renowned company with decades of gambling experience. Some of BetMGM's highlights include the very good sports betting offer, the decent app, and the $500 first deposit match bonus. That said, there could be more bonus offers at the sportsbook and a simpler help center. Find out more about the BetMGM sportsbook in my detailed review.


$100 worth of free bets for a deposit of $20+

Borgata is a licensed and regulated sportsbook. It has arguably the best welcome bonus as you can get $100 in free wagers after depositing only $20. The sportsbook also boasts a unique live streaming feature and a modern mobile app. Apart from that, the bookie has some additional goodies to offer. I personally checked them one by one. So, be sure to read my Borgata Sports NJ review.


100% up to $500 risk-free wager

The DraftKings New Jersey sportsbook has a quality sports betting section, tons of markets, an award-winning app, and top-notch customer service. There are some things that the online sportsbook can improve on, e.g., its welcome bonus, but overall it is a very good betting site. Read more in my DraftKings sportsbook review.


$500 Welcome Risk Free Bet

FanDuel is a reputable NJ sportsbook that has an excellent selection of sports and markets to bet on. It also boasts a decent free bet welcome bonus, industry-leading mobile app, and a very good live streaming service. The number of FanDuel bonuses could be larger, but such a minor issue shouldn’t be a deal-breaker for anyone. Find out more about FanDuel in my review.


Up to $500 first bet refund

PointsBet is an innovative sports wagering provider that has tons of bonuses, a decent wagering app, and a reliable customer support service. It is also the only US bookmaker that offers Points Betting. This novel form of betting can be much more lucrative than fixed-odds wagering. And there's no better reason for you to read my PointsBet sportsbook NJ review than that.


100% up to $250 deposit bonus

SugarHouse is a Rush Street Interactive sportsbook that takes sports wagering to the next level. The bookmaker offers a huge selection of sports and markets, and this is its main forte. The enticing first deposit bonus, the fast and responsive app, and the live streaming feature are quality additions too. Read my SugarHouse sportsbook NJ review to find out more details about the bookmaker.


$250 risk-free bet

Unibet is a great New Jersey bookmaker with more than 20 years of sports betting experience. It has an excellent betting offer, industry-leading welcome bonus, and a decent app. Some things do need improving, though, but for more on those, you'll have to read my Unibet Sportsbook NJ review.

Facts to Consider When Picking an NBA Betting Site in New Jersey

To pick a great NBA betting site in New Jersey, you do have to make sure a few criteria are met. There are so many NBA betting sites to pick from, to begin with. The good news is they are all licensed and trusted operators, which is definitely a plus.

The journey from picking a betting site to making a bet on the NBA is indeed a short one. I assure you that it’s very easy to start. First, what you need to do is pick a trustworthy website. It sounds like a lot of hard work, but it actually isn’t! I will explain why, in detail.

#1 Check Your NJ NBA Betting Site for License

The first thing you should check for is the license of any betting site. Now, because this is New Jersey, I can assure you that there is no way for an NBA betting to take place without the strict control of the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (NJDGE), which is the Garden’s State regulator.

A license is a way for the state to make sure that you and your fellow sports fans are safe when betting on the NBA in the state. All sportsbooks must pass rigorous testing and verification process to be able to extend NBA betting lines and odds, which is great.

A website that doesn’t have a seal of approval by the NJDGE is best avoided, and you may also consider notifying the regulator as well.

#2 Don’t Hesitate to Compare Odds and Lines

One key thing you should consider when picking the best NBA betting site for yourself is to shop around for lines. Typically, you will see three main types of bets available. You can bet on the Spread, Moneyline, and Totals for every season, playoff, and finals game in the NBA.

Because these lines and odds are usually published early, within 24-48 hours, before a game, you can compare odds and lines from multiple sportsbooks. Evidently, you still want to only choose from NJ-licensed websites. However, you may find value in picking one Spread coefficient over another.

Comparing odds and lines is a great way to jump on a value betting opportunity and minimize any juice you ought to pay on your bets anyway. Once you are in the habit of doing this, you will see your overall results allocated to sports betting on the NBA inch up, which is always welcome.

#3 Get in on the Live Betting Action

Not all betting options are for all NBA sports fans, but a great sportsbook will always let you enjoy live betting. The premise is simple. In-play markets are popular, and they offer a different dynamic and, admittedly, a far better profit. If you intend to win the game, though, you will have to come prepared.

Live NBA sports betting is exciting, but you need to be able to react quickly, make decisions under pressure, and enjoy yourself in the process. Each game can go either way, but since live betting is about betting on events over a shorter period of time, not many people can successfully predict what bets are better.

That’s why live betting is often preferred among more advanced sports fans who just wouldn’t want to miss on all the fun and action. When real money is on the line, though, you need to have composure and knowledge to win. In the meantime, it’s great to know that an NJ sports betting site is actually offering live NBA betting!

#4 Check for a Mobile App for Extra Comfort

New Jersey made it possible for all of us to enjoy sports betting online today. After 2018, the Garden State became the first – well, almost – to offer legal betting options online. The legalization of the industry was followed by a rush of sportsbooks licenses, and not least – mobile technology.

In fact, New Jersey quickly realized that the best way to give online betting a flying start is to allow people to bet from mobile devices and remotely. That decision has been a success! As an NJ resident myself, I can confirm that the betting options available to us here are fantastic, and no small part of this has to do with the fact they are always working on mobile.

#5 Live Streaming for Mobile Apps

One of the handiest features of NBA betting in the United States is that you can do it from your phone. Thanks to in-play betting options, you can stream a game directly on your smartphone. That helps you always stay in touch and calibrate your wagers on the fly!

Better yet, as a basketball fan and bettor, you can place a wager from anywhere and follow the game in real-time. It’s really up to you to decide how to benefit from the live streaming feature, but it’s definitely helpful that you have it on your smartphone!

#6 Pick a Website with Great Bonuses and Promos

Now, I will let you in on a little secret. The best NBA betting outcomes do not depend on free bets or any type of promotion. However, it’s always good to have this type of solution handy. While you may want to bet on your gut feeling alone, a free bet can help you make a decent profit.

The only drawbacks with some bonuses are the limiting size of the win you can score. That’s where the terms and conditions come in, so don’t forget to read these as well. In general, though, you will be able to trust most NBA betting sites simply because they are approved by the NJ. I will touch on bonuses somewhat in detail in a bit, but first, let’s check if you know how to bet on the NBA.

How to Bet on the NBA?

Betting on the NBA is not difficult at all. What you need to do is find a sportsbook that offers NBA betting markets. In New Jersey, you can rest assured that the majority of sportsbooks. After all, the NBA is a staple sport in the United States, and it’s understandable why people are happy with it.

To bet, you need to register at a trusted sportsbook. As you do, you will be asked to provide your personal information, and I urge you to do so conscientiously. You see, sportsbooks must comply with certain legal prerequisites. That includes verifying the origin of the money, as in AML, and the identity of most sports bettors.

Therefore the best NBA betting sites will always be very thorough when looking to provide you with the opportunity to bet on the NBA. Once you have a website and you are registered, it’s time to get started. There are 82 games in the regular season, and the playoffs can vary a bit, but that is easy to determine if you follow the NBA.

Once you have the account set up, your deposit ready, and possibly a free bet or another bonus, you can pick the games you want to back up. NBA betting is really about that. Find the teams you think will win and then place your wager.

Naturally, you can explore other betting options. As mentioned before, a good bettor will look into the details. A spread bet here or a good total, there might be just what you need. Of course, future bets, individual player bets, and other betting options exist, and they all promise a good winning potential for the savvy punter.

NBA Betting Bonuses in New Jersey – Make More Bang for Your Buck

As promised, I will cover some of the bonuses you should look into. First, we are in New Jersey, and NBA betting sites here are consumer-focused. In other words, you can expect all available bonuses to offer fair and transparent terms and conditions. What’s more important, though, bonuses will come in as bite-sized treats.

Most bonuses are easy to claim. They offer a good way to boost your bankroll and bet real money with a bit of extra heft. There are all sorts of promotions you can claim as well for online gambling. You can pick a free bet, which is admittedly the most popular type.

Then again, there are the risk-free bet which offers you to bet with your own money and should your bet fail, and you will get reimbursed up to a point. I would be remiss not to mention the match bet, which is another way to boost your bankroll by depositing an initial amount and receiving a percentage based on that amount in bonus funds.

Free bets are often granted as a no deposit bonus, which is what the NBA betting sites would do. Of course, the size of most of these bets is usually somewhat small. You will scoop up $5 here and $10 there, and have access to every type of odds booster, special event promotion, or game exclusive.

Online betting bonuses can be very fun, and with the best NBA betting websites, I am sure you will have a great time yourself.

NBA Finals Betting Sites: The Final Showdown

The NBA finals fetch quite a bit of interest, and naturally, you’re looking for the best market. Each bet in NBA will have a certain return rate, and so you want to be sure that your real money bets are placed smartly. The NBA finals are clearly a great opportunity to place a winning bet.

However, there are a few things you would want to know. For starters, to win the game in the finals, you don’t want to bet at the very beginning of the season. Each season has a different dynamic. Trading or losing even one player may seem like a small detail, but it can come with significant downsides to the team.

Therefore, you can’t expect the same squads to win time and again, year in and year out. For example, the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers have the most titles, but in recent years, the Golden State Warriors have been picking up their game.

Now, the upside of betting early is that you will have a much better return on the investment, especially if you are posting a bet on an underdog. The good thing is you can post on an underdog even before the season starts, and if you happen to be right, your return will be all the higher for it.

Yet, it’s usually best to wait for an NBA game or two before you start placing your bets on the NBA finals. Of course, you can do what other people do – waiting until the playoffs to make your bets. The finals usually have the biggest betting volume, especially in contested series, and you would definitely benefit from getting in on the action.

Tips on How to Win Your Next NBA Bet

People often ask me, how do I make sports betting work for me? After all, the websites charge juice, don’t they, and sports betting still depends on a fair degree of luck. All of this is true, but after years watching sports and NBA in particular, I just feel I can be earning money out of my hobby.

Of course, the instant you start betting real money, your hobby is sort of a part-time job, but this is not too bad either. You can still treat sports betting as a hobby as you should, and I always advise sports fans to relax and bet whatever is comfortable.

Never exceed what feels fun and right to you. There are plenty of websites that will allow you to make a great bet and possibly benefit from it. However, I am here to help you out with a few time-tested betting tips that might come handy in your own sports betting sessions.

#1 Always Set a Budget for Your Bets

The first and most important step is to approach any betting opportunity with a bit of caution. Real money bets are definitely fun, but you’re looking looking for a win. Therefore, you will need to control your spending habits. It may seem a little counter-intuitive, but setting a fixed betting budget is a good idea.

It gives you focus, and it serves as a hedge against any unwanted development. As a bettor, you will have many opportunities to put this wisdom into a test. Focus on the markets you understand best and spend your money wisely there rather than pushing yourself too far out into the unknown.

Of course, when you are on a winning streak or have been for a long time, it won’t hurt to check out what else is out there. Yet, I definitely recommend starting simple and build your way up.

#2 Never Underestimate the Player Injury Report

Injury reports are such an important thing. Now, thankfully, this is the NBA and not the NFL. While the NFL sees players creamed in a single game, and a squad could lose its entire Team A, the NBA is more balanced and less aggressive in away.

This means that injuries won’t be so prolific, but make no mistake; they will have a massive impact on your game. You want to read up on that injury report, which will be published on the official NBA website, at some tipster services, or the team’s own channels of information.

To my mind, it’s best to always double, and if not triple check, what players are going to be in and what players might sit it out. Of course, there is always the coaches’ decision to take into account. More cautious coaches tend to spare their Aces and play them later into the season if they suspect that the player may be struggling with a minor injury.

These unknowns are also not too difficult to predict, but overall, the injury report could end up being the biggest upset out there. Knowing that you have to check, though, you would never be caught off your guard!

#3 Get Ahead of the Curve, Fade the Public

Now, to the contrariant bettor, fading the public isn’t any novelty. It basically means betting against the crowd. You see, sites have algorithms that tell them what to expect, and then NBA fans try to cotton on that trend. Yet, if you bet against the public – or what sites think is the most logical outcome – your bets will carry a whole lot more value.

Of course, you already see the downside here. Fading the public is lucrative, but it invites a big risk that can wreck your bankroll very quickly if you are not careful. I like this stratagem and use it myself in certain cases, too.

#4 Track Your Bet Results in All Cases

Now, you don’t have to keep a diligent record of every bet you place, but it certainly helps. You are probably thinking – I am not getting nearly enough to have a diary, come on! Well, you don’t have to. I am talking about a diary on your amicable bets you place with yourself.

Just keep track of all your winners and try to study the losers. You shouldn’t try to bet on too many games. Rather, take each bet as a learning experience, even if you are not betting real money. One bite at a time will make you a much smarter bettor when it comes to the real thing.

#5 Don’t Accept Every Bonus out There

I know that bonuses are great, and I agree with you. Sites have so many ways to make your stay worthwhile. Remember, though, and you should always check the terms and conditions. And, if you are not too happy with these, just move on and find more sites or stick with the sportsbook, but ignore this one bonus.


NBA is one of the most fun betting online markets you can bet on. I have found the sport to be particularly popular in New Jersey what with the state being home to The Brooklyn Nets. Basketball is just well-ingrained in the collective culture, and now, since online sports betting is perfectly legal, sites have started offering some very tempting bets for it.

I find the NBA to be one of the best sports you can bet on for sure, and online sportsbooks are have made the process very easy. With so many free bets around and plenty of good game options to bet on, your money will always be safe betting it on the NBA.

Each game is slightly different, and some NBA betting sites will definitely tend to be a little better than others. Either way, you will have many great betting opportunities to turn your bets into success. Once again, though, apart from the online sportsbook you choose, you should be a true NBA fan to make a win.


Are NBA betting sites legal in New Jersey?

Yes, NBA betting sites are 100% legal in New Jersey. You will want to play with online sportsbooks that have been licensed by the state’s gaming regulator.

Can I trust online gambling sites?

Yes, all online betting sites in the State of New Jersey are licensed and have a reputation as trustworthy venues. You are free to pick the venues that you enjoy the most.

What are the best NBA betting sites?

The best NBA betting sites will have a reputation for taking care of their customers, own a license, and provide a variety of bets. They can all be found in New Jersey.

Do NBA sites offer in-play bets?

NBA sites do offer in-play bets. Live betting is one of the most popular types of real money bets. They are far more challenging but ultimately more rewarding.

How do you withdraw your money and winnings?

Most sites have a variety of banking methods included. All of these methods will be native to American and New Jersey players. You can pick from e-wallets, bank cards, and even cryptocurrencies in some cases.