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I have created this page for entertainment purposes only. As such, all the information you find here is only for fun and shall not be misconstrued as financial advice. Naturally, I want to provide you with accurate information about gambling in New Jersey, but everything I write here is my own opinion. 

As such, you cannot use this to predicate all your decisions and expect financial gain. It’s important to understand that gambling is an activity that requires luck and a very small degree of skill. Therefore, all outcomes, despite the best advice you can read online, will boil down to pure chance and nothing more.

Don’t Use the Information as Financial Advice

As stated above, gambling is down to pure luck. You cannot influence the outcome of online games in a way that will benefit you. While sports betting relies on accurate predictions of game contests, there is no way you can successfully tell the outcome in most cases.

The best punters tend to win around 56% of the bets they place, and most stick to the simplest forms of betting and gambling there is. I urge you only to use the information you will find on my website for entertainment purposes only.

I do not publish financial advice, nor am I responsible if you choose to act based on any information found on this website that results in financial loss. The articles available on my website are compiled from personal experience, which does not preclude mistakes or error of judgment.

As such, I strongly advise you to make decisions based on your own good sense. And remember, do not play beyond your means. If you feel that you may be a victim to gambling addiction or gambling-related harm, please refer to my Gamble Responsibly page.

Please Exercise Caution and Always Read the Terms and Agreements

In the course of writing, I will describe bonuses and promotions that are listed on individual brands’ websites. While I will always try to provide you with accurate and up-to-date data, some promotions may be dated.

You can choose to follow any of the links that take you to a casino or sportsbook website. If you do, please make sure to read the terms and conditions in full. Only then accept any promotion if you specifically choose to.

I shall not be held responsible for any promotion you choose to take but fail to roll over due to complications described in the T&C’s, but you have failed to acknowledge. None of the promotional materials found on this website are obligatory to accept. Nor should you accept bonuses without proper background research.

Please, if you find irregularities or discrepancies in any of the texts listed on the website, do get in touch with me. I will carry out the necessary changes.

Remember to have fun, and that gambling is not a profession. If you feel like it’s no longer fun, make sure to take a break.