Hello everyone, I am Jared, and I am the guy behind NJPunter. This is my dedicated website, where I cover everything you need to know about legitimate gambling in the United States, and New Jersey, specifically.

I am a huge fan of all legal casino and sportsbook brands, and I am here to share my experience with you. I created NJPunter to help you better navigate the growing number of brands in our beautiful Garden State.

Thankfully, you and I are lucky to be in one of the few places (for the time being) in the US, where you can enjoy legal gambling and sports betting without breaking a sweat. Now, I will make sure to cover everything. I would like to begin, though, by first introducing myself. So, who is Jared, and why am I doing what I am doing?

Who Is Jared and Why Do People Call Me NJPunter?

I was very happy when Gov. Murphy said yes to most forms of gambling in our state. I used to visit our casinos here in Atlantic City quite often to binge on all my favorite games, from poker to blackjack, to roulette, but with the legalization of iGaming and sports betting, I can confirm that I am pretty happy with how things have turned out.

Today, we have such a delightful range of games to choose from online. Now, I have been a bit of a gambler my entire life. I couldn’t participate in any gambling games until I was 21, obviously, but I have been preparing my entire life, studying strategies, watching poker streams, making some mock bets at home to try and guess the outcome of sports contests right and more.

For the past two decades, I have been very active in both casinos and sportsbooks. My experience has allowed me to land some respectable profits, and I am sure I have tried over 2,000 different casino games; at least those are the ones I can remember.

My nickname, NJPunter, isn’t chosen by chance. As soon as Gov. Murphy signed Assembly Bill 4111 into law and the good people from the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) licensed companies, I have been a regular at most state sportsbooks, at least those in AC.

Over time, the cashiers started to call me the “NJ punter,” and I actually liked the moniker. So, here I am, the NJ punter. Of course, I don’t just bet on sports, but as I mentioned before, I play blackjack and poker, and definitely love slot games. Alright, enough about me. Let’s see what you can find on my website.

Here Is What I Have for You

Now, our state has a lot to offer, and I realize that. That’s why I have made sure to cover every aspect of the gambling experience in the state. It’s important to note that I only focus on legitimate brands that hold a license from the DGE.

To be fair, New Jersey has done very well in ousting illegitimate websites. I was a little concerned at first, but thankfully, we only have la crème de la crème to enjoy right now, and it’s worth it.

Here you will be able to read all about the best casinos and sportsbooks in the state. I have reviewed every single one by depositing my own money and testing what they have to offer extensively.

Actually, I am still active on the majority of all reviewed casinos and sportsbooks, as this allows me to always shop for the best lines and bonuses. It’s always fun to open your email and get a handful of special promos.

Speaking of promotions, I have gone into some detail about those. You see, I am on a mission to help you educate yourself when it comes to gambling. There are some tempting offers out there, but they usually come with their own terms and conditions.

Be not afraid, because I am an expert at reading into the fine print and issuing the best course of action. Overall, you will have no trouble finding the best brands with my help. New Jersey has a lot to offer, and I will cover every last element of this offer.

Why Do I Think It’s Important to Play at Legal Sites?

Many people ask me, “Hey, punter, why do you think playing at legal sites is so important?” Where do I even begin? There are many things that make opting for a legal website so much better.

You don’t have to worry about how you will deposit into the casino or sportsbook, or withdraw from them. The offshore gambling industry is not necessarily dodgy, but it just fails to provide you with the same level of comfort that websites licensed by the DGE do.

Now, you will wonder why that is – I can explain. The DGE just sets the bar high. The brands I recommend must uphold specific standards that include instant deposits and withdrawals and honoring all your wagers.

I think these things are important. There are other upsides of choosing to play closer to our home, though. For example, the fixtures are competitive for most sports events, and you can use a mobile device to bet on sports or just play at an online casino.

There is the customer support that is based in the state, which means that you can get reliable help from someone who is familiar with how the casino and sportsbook they represent work. Not least, you have better consumer protection mechanisms.

I feel passionate about providing all my readers with the most accurate and reliable information about New Jersey gambling there is. To do this, though, I must first make sure that the websites we are going to visit together are safe and reliable.

Thankfully, DGE does this for me to some extent. I will check every casino before I issue a recommendation, but even if you only trust the regulator’s seal of approval, you are already safe.

With this, I welcome you to my comprehensive encyclopedia dedicated to gambling in New Jersey.