CANJ Reacts to Governor Murphy’s Latest COVID-19 Regulations

In a major announcement this week, the Casino Association of New Jersey promised patrons a first-class experience as new regulations on COVID-19 surfaced from Governor Murphy’s office. Steve Callender, President of the CANJ, commented on Gov. Phil Murphy’s latest statement, ordering restaurants, clubs, and bars to stop serving guests between 10 P.M and 5 A.M every day.

According to the Governor’s office, while outdoor dining, takeaway, and delivery may continue past the deadline, indoor services are banned. The decision comes amidst fears of a second wave of COVID-19 as winter approaches. And although land-based casinos are affected by the new norm, operators may continue offering gaming services round the clock. Although the restaurants and cafes must remain shut.

The Impact of Current Regulations

The casino management fears the decision might hurt the already faltering business, which is currently operating at 25% capacity. Current regulations mandate tables to be placed six feet apart with barriers in between to minimize human contact. This has severely reduced active space in the gaming areas of most casinos. And the ban on serving refreshments will not go down well with the regulars.

The Governor’s announcement temporarily prohibits all interstate sporting events up to high-school competitions. Although the ban does not affect college sports. According to Murphy’s statement, the last thing the authorities want is to prohibit business and shock home-grown businesses. However, by analyzing the data at their disposal, the authorities are taking all required steps to contain virus transmission.

“No one in the House wants the situation to be as bad as March 2020. We are acting with precedence this time around, and our actions are based on ground realities”, the Governor went on to explain. However, businesses will have to cooperate with the government’s changing game plan to fight the pandemic in the most efficient manner possible.

The CANJ’s Stand on the Issue

Commenting on the Governor’s decision, Callender said, “The Casino Association of New Jersey understands and appreciates the authority’s concern and is willing to take extraordinary steps to ensure that the industry survives the pandemic and emerges from the other end. We’ve taken all the necessary steps required to welcome guests in a safe environment, according to the official mandate, and our hardworking staff are working round the clock to ensure maximum safety for Atlantic City guests”.

“We will continue to serve patrons to the highest standards of hospitality that is expected from properties in New Jersey, and our community is prepared to fight COVID-19”, Callender added.

The new regulations arrive hot on the heels of New Jersey, recording 9,524 new COVID-19 cases between November 5 and 9, which brings the state’s cumulative total to 256,653.

“As the number of infections in our state is on the rise, we’re taking every precaution under the sun to ensure the health and safety of our staff, guests, and residents. CANJ will continue working with the local and federal authorities and AtlantiCare, our local healthcare provider, to update our protocols according to the evolving legal guidelines,” Callender stated.

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